HOMEbox Vista

The grow tent with a view

Like the Ambient grow tents, the Vista products come in an elegant, modern shade of beige. This also enables them to be automatically incorporated into the room ambience. They also have large viewing windows so you can look in without altering the climate inside. This product line also features a new solid base and all the technical features that the HOMEbox® brand stands for. For a perfect indoor gardening!


Double Base

All models are fitted with an additional solid tent base as well as the familiar line base.

HOMEbox Vista Medium

The HOMEbox Vista Medium offers great features that users of our tried and tested Clonebox View have long learned to appreciate. However, this grow tent also has fantastic new features that make propagating plants even easier.

Assembled size: 125 x 65 x 120 cm
Assembled size: 49" x 26" x 47"
Grow space: 2.4 m2
Tube A: + 100 mm, 2 times
Tube B: + 200 mm (8")
Tube C:
Tube D:
OmniFlow-Airvent: Ø 150 mm, 2 times
Maximum capacity: 100 kg

HOMEbox Vista Triangle+

Our indoor greenhouse for corners is now also available in a 200 cm-high version – the HOMEbox® Vista Triangle+. The triangular base not only lets you make optimum use of every corner of the room for an indoor grow house, but also provides your plants with more room for growth.

Assembled size: 120 x 75 x 200 cm
Assembled size: 47" x 30" x 79"
Grow space: 0,4 m2
Tube A: + 160 (6") mm
Tube B: + 100 (4") mm, 2 times
Tube C:
Tube D:
OmniFlow-Airvent: Ø 100 mm, 4 times
Maximum capacity: 40 kg